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within 5 Km

At the Taverna del Riccio, in the family atmosphere desired by Evelina and Duilio,

the classic Tuscan trattoria cuisine is made.

Rich dishes, strong flavours and affordable prices.

Restaurant serving revisited Tuscan meat and fish cuisine, their real

strong point, as well as the use of the best local products.

Fair prices for carefully prepared dishes, just 2 km from our hotel.

3 km from Villa Nadar, in the historic centre of Altopascio, this Osteria,

serves excellent traditional dishes with seasonal off-menus.

A ristosalumeria of excellence for the village of Altopascio.

Perfect for an aperitif, the Dogana has a menu that is also suitable for more substantial meals,

but tasting their cold cuts is almost a must.

Here the price goes up, but at the Osteria Martinelli, the love of food is

felt in every bite. Typical Tuscan offer of absolute

quality, one of the best places to eat meat in the area.

Pizzeria in the centre of Altopascio offering plenty of choice and fast service.

For those who don’t feel like going out, La Cicala also delivers to our hotel!

Van Burger is a certainty for street food lovers. XL sandwiches with only meat

of Black Angus, but if you think of banal burgers, you are sadly mistaken.

Born as a travelling van, it will open in 2022 on a permanent basis.

within 10 Km

Ristorante il Melograno, offers the chance to take a leap into Tuscan tradition,

with a touch of innovation in the flavours and care of the dishes. Attention to detail is

the restaurant’s hallmark, which is also reflected in the quality of the raw materials used.

At Buca del Norcino, in the centre of Montecarlo, you eat well, very well.
The pasta is homemade, the cured meats – and not only them – are of their own production, and you

and you can dine while drinking good wine. Inside you can also buy their special ingredients.

* *
The Piccola Enoteca, also in the centre of Montecarlo, is the right combination of
the typical wine shop of yesteryear, where you can drink and taste lots of good wine, and an
informal restaurant where you can eat simple and tasty traditional dishes. Also perfect for
an aperitif, sitting in the central street or on their popular terrace


Near the village of Montecarlo, Casta d’Uva offers dishes

of fish and meat, skilfully prepared and prepared, which wink at tradition but

tradition but tread the path of alternative pairings.

As is customary, everything is accompanied by good wine, in an intimate and cosy location.

* *

An elegant restaurant in a spectacular location on the Montecarlo hill.

High-level cuisine enriched by friendly and attentive service. The chef, Antonio,

offers a menu with attention to every detail. We recommend the fish courses.

The trattoria offers an extensive menu, accompanied by good wine and a

always friendly service. What makes this restaurant one of the most renowned is

the quality of its Florentine steak; one of the best in the area, prepared according to tradition for a

according to tradition for a really tasty and unmissable result.

The name of this establishment already tells a lot about itself. A butcher’s shop, also rediscovered in

restaurant version, offering products of the highest quality, which can be viewed by customers from the counter

fridge of what is still a real butcher’s shop. A simple premises and

friendly atmosphere near Porcari.

city center


A location and a menu that reflect the character and passion of the young owners.
In the heart of Lucca, the new Osteria Nova will welcome you, pamper you and delight you with a fresh, attentive service

and attentive service, and with excellent, refined, interesting dishes with some special treats.

Recommended for those who love eating well.

The picturesque location on the Piazza dell’Anfiteatro has fortunately not turned this restaurant into a 

tourist trap, but into one of the city’s most interesting gastronomic destinations. 

The cuisine pays homage to Tuscany with proposals linked to the seasons, balancing land and sea with

 more than a touch of creativity.

L’angolo tondo, in the most distinctive square in Lucca, is a small restaurant that offers a

family atmosphere, a traditional cuisine of meat and fresh fish with new and refined flavours.

In the kitchen, in fact, new specialities are created every day outside the menu dictated by seasonal products.

There is also a good selection of local wines, sparkling wines and beers.

* * *

In Pasta is an artisanal pasta factory, selling fresh pasta seasonings with raw materials

quality raw materials from local, genuine, some organic and biodynamic; but

also a place where these products become dishes to taste.
If you love pasta dishes, you will find their doors open.

In Piazza Napoleone, the living heart of Lucca, da Ciacco welcomes you to its
modern trattoria ambience. Perfect for grabbing a sandwich on the fly or
to enjoy their much-appreciated tartare, crostoni or taglieri
accompanied by an unfailing bottle of wine or bubbly.

At Gramophone the menu changes every week, because they not only treat each dish

with great care, but also pay close attention to the seasonality of the products.

If you are looking for something special, this is the restaurant for you, where sitting at a table you

from Tuscany and you take a long tour around the world, among flavours and fragrances.

* *

city center

montecatini e firenze

In what has been one of Montecatini’s places of excellence since the mid-1950s,
the Fishing Lab has a cuisine that is as innovative as it is simple and is based fundamentally
on one raw material: fish. Cooked, raw, sliced in tartare, street food or classy restaurant versions.
Always fresh fish, excellent wine and no labels for the courses.


In an elegant and bright location, close to the Montecatini thermal park, the restaurant GioviAle
offers a professional and warm service. The menu, which ranges from fish to meat, offers,
in its tasty dishes, refinement and quality of raw materials, respect for seasonality.
The restaurant has an enviable wine cellar of over 100 labels.
* * *

In San Frediano, less than a kilometre from Florence Cathedral, Gunè is a special place,
that will welcome and pamper you in a charming and elegant location. A hymn to women,
all women; Gunè’s cuisine is inspired by them, offering dishes with special touches,
working with the raw materials of its places: Tuscany and Lucania.
We recommend accompanying the courses with a tasting of
sensational cocktails, prepared by the skilful hands of their barlady, who, based on your
your tastes and the dishes you choose will surprise you.

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In the heart of Florence’s historic centre, in the lively setting of the Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo,
the trattoria Zà Zà was born, or rather continues to live, because the trattoria, first a small inn, has been
here since 1977. A place with 17th-century architecture that fills up with tables,
old sideboards, antiques from all over the world and lots of colour.
Their menu, which is exceptional, blends technique and ‘belly’ making simple dishes into well-balanced and tasty ones.
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